Make A Splash At Lions Water Adventure

Little girl in waterpark pool
When the summer temperatures heat up, you don’t have to hide indoors. Kinston, NC, residents know all about one of the best ways to cool down: Lions Water Adventure. For the young, old, and people in between, this water park has something you’ll love. Stop by for the day, and... [read more]

Cool Down Your Pup With These Frozen Dog Treats

Dog watching treat from his pet owner
There’s a lot to love about the summer in Kinston, NC. And if you have a dog, this is the perfect season to spend some time outdoors with your four-legged friend. Of course, just like you, your pup will have to contend with the heat during these months. He, too,... [read more]

4 Jeep Accessories For Summer

cheerful females taking a drive
As a Jeep lover, you already know that this vehicle is ideal for summer fun and adventure. Whether you’re off-roading or day-tripping, you can’t go wrong by driving a Jeep. Furthermore, your experience can be even better when you add some fun accessories. Inside and out, your Jeep can become... [read more]

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation

Young woman reads a book on the beach stock photo
There is perhaps not a better time than in the summer for people in Kinston, NC, to take a vacation. The kids are out of school, the outdoors is more inviting, and you have more options for sightseeing. Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges when it comes to... [read more]

Enjoy A Farm To Table Meal At Chef And The Farmer

Cajun shrimp on a bowl of grits
Few North Carolina restaurants are as well-known or celebrated as Chef and the Farmer in Kinston. Celebrity chef Vivian Howard is at the helm, and she’s a household name, thanks to shows like “A Chef’s Life” and her bestselling cookbooks. Because of her reputation alone, people come from all over... [read more]

6 Ways To Make Your Graduate Feel Special

Proud mother hugging her graduating son
Do you want to make your graduate feel special but aren’t interested in throwing a massive (and expensive) party? Fortunately, there are tons of options that are even more fun than big blowouts. Plus, you’ll have extra money by forgoing the party, giving you additional funds toward a fantastic gift.... [read more]

7 Tips To Protect Your Car From The Summer Heat

Aluminum coverlet on the windshield of the car to protect from heat and sun inside.
You’ve made it through the cold months, and now, you’re ready to drive into summer. You want to make it through the season with ease, so check out some tips to protect your car from the summer heat. Then your car will be ready for heatwaves and anything else the... [read more]

Serve Mom Breakfast In Bed For Mother’s Day With These 5 Recipes

mom served breakfast in bed
Mothers often spend a lifetime feeding others. They make meals, serve them, and often clean up afterward. It can feel like a thankless task, but you can show your appreciation by serving breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day. First, check out some divine breakfast recipes that will hit the spot.... [read more]

5 Ways To Make Spring Cleaning More Enjoyable

little girl help her daddy to do chores
Are you dreading working your way through your spring-cleaning chore list this year? You can transform the task into something you enjoy by following a few tips. Check out five ways you can turn your spring cleaning into a fun event. 1.      Make Cash by Selling Clutter Online You’re sure to have... [read more]

Peach House Has A Table Ready For You

Taco Soup, Sandwich, and a Pickle
You’ve likely noticed the Peach House Restaurant while driving around Kinston. The name matches its peach exterior, and it’s been a staple of the area’s restaurant scene for decades. Learn more about the entrees and desserts you can get at the Peach House Restaurant, and then stop by for a... [read more]