Peach House Has A Table Ready For You

Taco Soup, Sandwich, and a Pickle

You’ve likely noticed the Peach House Restaurant while driving around Kinston. The name matches its peach exterior, and it’s been a staple of the area’s restaurant scene for decades. Learn more about the entrees and desserts you can get at the Peach House Restaurant, and then stop by for a meal.

Check Out the Daily Features

The Peach House Restaurant offers daily features, which are essentially specials. Wednesday might be the restaurant’s most popular day since that’s when it serves its famous chicken casserole. This Wednesday daily feature contains cream of chicken, mushroom, and celery, along with chicken and peas. Plus, it’s served with a salad complete with house-made dressing. Let’s say that this chicken casserole is one of the best dishes around, so make a point to stop by on a Wednesday.

This is just one of the tasty daily features. You can check them out on the blackboard when you stop by for a meal or follow the restaurant’s Facebook page for daily updates. Then you’ll encounter other options, such as hot ham and Swiss and chicken and dumplings.

A New Take on the Classics

You can also order off a menu that’s full of mouthwatering choices. While the food sounds like traditional American favorites, you’ll discover that many of the items come with a twist.

Take the chicken salad, for instance. It starts with the traditional ingredients you expect with chicken salad, but then the team adds sugar and relishes for a little extra sweetness. Extras like this elevate the Peach House Restaurant and explain how it’s managed to stick around for years.

Don’t Forget the Dessert

The entrees are great on their own, but a trip to the Peach House Restaurant won’t be complete without eating one of the homemade desserts. It has over a dozen options, including southern pecan bars and cream cheese chocolate squares. Be sure to save room because you don’t want to miss out on these divine desserts.

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Have the Peach House Cater Your Next Event

Do you have a big get-together coming up? If you have it catered by the Peach House Restaurant, your event will be a hit. You can get the famous chicken casserole and other popular options. They also offer veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, and other finger foods to pair with the entrees.

These are just some of the reasons that a trip to the Peach House Restaurant is in order. Head over today so that you can enjoy delicious food and friendly service.

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