7 Tips To Protect Your Car From The Summer Heat

Aluminum coverlet on the windshield of the car to protect from heat and sun inside.

You’ve made it through the cold months, and now, you’re ready to drive into summer. You want to make it through the season with ease, so check out some tips to protect your car from the summer heat. Then your car will be ready for heatwaves and anything else the season throws its way.

1.      Park Your Car in the Shade

It’s a good idea to avoid parking in direct sunlight since that can heat your dash and cause it to crack. Thus, choose a shady parking spot whenever leaving your car for more than a few minutes. Also, crack the windows just a bit if it’s safe to do so.

2.      Keep the Dash Clean

There’s a lot of dirt and dust in the summer, which can scratch your dash. Thus, keep it clean by wiping it with a microfiber cloth. You can also apply a low gloss detailing product to increase the protection while reducing the glare from the sun.

3.      Protect Your Windshield

Your windshield is like a sunlight magnet. When you park, the sunshine pours through the glass and heats the interior, potentially causing damage. Fortunately, you can prevent that by using a windshield sun protector. Just put the protector on after parking so your vehicle will be cool as it could be when you return.

4.      Use Seat Covers

Some sun might seep in when using a sun protector, so install seat covers. These covers will protect your seats from damage and prevent your skin from burning when sliding behind the wheel. If you’ve ever burned your legs on hot seats, you know this is important.

5.      Condition Your Leather Seats

If you have leather seats, you need to go a step further than using a seat cover, although that’s important. Additionally, you should apply a leather conditioner to the seats, so they don’t tear or crack. This is an excellent tip to follow during the summer and the rest of the seasons.

6.      Keep Your Car Clean and Waxed

The harsh sunlight can cause the paint on your car to fade and crack. However, you can lessen the risk by washing it regularly. Also, apply a coat of wax after washing it to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating down into the paint.

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7.      Get an Inspection

You rely on your car’s cooling system, air conditioner, battery, and fluids to keep your vehicle running all summer. Thus, it’s good to have everything inspected before taking off this season. Then the mechanic can make recommendations and repairs if needed.

Do you need your car inspected for the season? If so, schedule service at Doug Henry CDJR in Kinston, North Carolina. Our team can also help you find a new ride if you’re not happy with your current vehicle. Then you can use these tips to protect your new car from the summer sun.

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