Serve Mom Breakfast In Bed For Mother’s Day With These 5 Recipes

mom served breakfast in bed

Mothers often spend a lifetime feeding others. They make meals, serve them, and often clean up afterward. It can feel like a thankless task, but you can show your appreciation by serving breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day. First, check out some divine breakfast recipes that will hit the spot. Then you can throw the meal together and serve it in bed to start the day off right.

1.      Eggs in a Basket

If your mother loves toast and eggs, she’s sure to approve of this recipe for Eggs in a Basket. It combines bread, eggs, butter, and spices for the ideal meal in bed. And since it only takes ten minutes to make, you can get it together right before she wakes up.

2.      Boston Cream Pancakes

You’ll get a standing ovation when you walk into the bedroom with these Boston Cream Pancakes. The indulgent breakfast has everything you love about Boston Cream pie, only in pancake form. Thus, it’s the perfect excuse to have dessert for breakfast.

3.      Breakfast Bombs

What if you could take all the best parts of breakfast and roll them into a ball? You’ll do that when making Breakfast Bombs for Mother’s Day. You’ll hold a bunch of ingredients together with biscuit dough, including eggs, bacon, and shredded cheddar cheese. With so many tasty flavors, your mom will gobble up every last bite.

4.      Eggs Benedict

You don’t have to take your mom to a nice restaurant for a fancy breakfast. Instead, you can have one at home by cooking Eggs Benedict. The recipe is easier to follow than you might expect and only requires 10 minutes of prep work. On top of that, the entire dish only takes 30 minutes to make, meaning breakfast can be served in no time.

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5.      Very Sticky Sticky Buns

Does your mom like sticky buns but wishes they were a bit stickier? You can make them to her specifications with this recipe for Very Sticky Sticky Buns. It’s super easy to follow, but there’s one thing to keep in mind. It might take a little longer for the buns to rise, so keep an eye on them while cooking. Other than that, you’ll love the results if you follow the recipe as written.

Mother’s Day will start with a bang when you use one of these recipes for breakfast in bed. Add in a gift or two, and you’ll be the talk of the holiday.

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