Help The Kids Keep Cool With These 5 Spring Break Recipes

Homemade vanilla ice cream

Spring means the kids are back to playing outside and soaking in that springtime sun. While they are playing, you may be thinking of ways to help them stay hydrated on their breaks. Maybe you are thinking of whipping up a treat that will help them cool off. Try these five spring recipes next time your kids have a day of play outside. They are guaranteed to love them!

Rainbow Gelatin Cubes

Who doesn’t like a fun colored, sweet, and easy to pick up and go snack for the kids and their friends on a sunny day? These Rainbow Gelatin Cubes act as a cold snack that will help them cool off but also are sweet so they feel like they are getting a treat.

Strawberry Milkshakes

A sweet treat that the kids will love to enjoy while taking a break in the shade. These Strawberry Shakes are easy to make. It is the perfect sweet and cold treat to help those body temperatures drop after running around in the sun.

Bee My Honey Fruit Dip

Fruit is always a great snack option because it is hydrating, sweet, and most kids love fruit. Although, have you ever tried pairing it with a delicious dip? If not, try pairing fruit with this Bee My Honey Fruit Dip, which consists of orange, cinnamon, and nutmeg and is so easy to make.

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Chances are, after a day in the sun, your kids are already begging for ice cream. Maybe they are running after the ice cream truck that comes by each afternoon. Therefore, you can provide a homemade version of it right from home. This homemade vanilla ice cream will save you a trip to the ice cream parlor and keep the kids cool.

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Lemon-Apricot Fruit Pops

This cooling snack has less than one teaspoon of sugar per serving. These Lemon-Apricot Fruit pops are light, easy to make, and something every kid can find room for after a day of play.

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