6 Ways To Make Your Graduate Feel Special

Proud mother hugging her graduating son

Do you want to make your graduate feel special but aren’t interested in throwing a massive (and expensive) party? Fortunately, there are tons of options that are even more fun than big blowouts. Plus, you’ll have extra money by forgoing the party, giving you additional funds toward a fantastic gift. Thus, check out some of the best ways to honor a relative or friend who has just graduated.

1.      Go All Out on a Gift

Since you aren’t going to pay top dollar for a party, you can put that money toward an expensive gift. For instance, a valuable piece of jewelry, a new phone, or even a laptop will mean quite a bit to the individual. If you have the budget for it, consider buying something that the person will treasure or use during the next stage of life.

2.      Take the Grad on a Trip

Life gets busy after graduation, so help that special someone slow down and appreciate the here and now by going on a trip. You can consult with the graduate beforehand or plan everything on your own. If you want to keep it simple, a weekend getaway will do the trick. However, you can also go on a bigger adventure if your schedule (and bank account) allows for it.

3.      Throw a Small Party

The graduate will feel like the star for the day when you throw a small party. Unlike a large, expensive party, a small brunch or barbecue will give the person of honor time to interact and socialize with all the guests. Plus, the attendees will be close friends or family members who are ready to heap on the praise for a job well done.

4.      Give Time or Money to the Organization of the Grad’s Choice

Does the graduate have a cause close to his or her heart? You can show your appreciation by donating your time or money. If you choose to volunteer time, see if the graduate would like to go with you so you can do it together.

5.      Get Tickets to an Event

Does the person like music or theater? If so, tickets to an event are a fantastic gift choice. Grab an extra ticket for yourself, so you can spend some quality time with your loved one while attending.

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6.      Give the Gift of Cash

If you had a big party budget set aside but have decided against it, you can give that money to the graduate. You don’t have to give the full amount if you don’t want to. Instead, take out a portion of the funds and let the graduate use the money however he or she wishes. This can be helpful when going off to college or embarking on a career.

Your graduate is sure to love any of these ideas. Whether you go with a small party or a cash gift, they will be all smiles and feel special.

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