Enjoy A Farm To Table Meal At Chef And The Farmer

Cajun shrimp on a bowl of grits

Few North Carolina restaurants are as well-known or celebrated as Chef and the Farmer in Kinston. Celebrity chef Vivian Howard is at the helm, and she’s a household name, thanks to shows like “A Chef’s Life” and her bestselling cookbooks. Because of her reputation alone, people come from all over for a chance to dine here. Then they realize she’s earned that reputation by serving fresh, delicious food you can’t find anywhere else. While others plan to spend hours on the road before eating, you can hop in your car and arrive in minutes. First, get the details to see why this is such a popular establishment.

Enjoy Fresh, Thoughtfully Prepared Dishes

If you watched Vivian Howard’s reality TV show, “A Chef’s Life,” you know how seriously she takes getting fresh ingredients for the meals at her restaurant. As a viewer, you were able to see her go to farms, strawberry fields, and other locations in search of fresh ingredients, and she has maintained her commitment now that the show is over. That means you can expect the freshest food around when dining here.

But that’s not the only reason this is such a special place. While the menu is full of classic Eastern North Carolina cuisine, each item has a twist that makes it unique. Each offering is a crowd-pleaser, from the divine fried collards to the sweet heat of the pork chops. And you can punctuate your meal with a homemade dessert. Let’s say you are sure to leave full and satisfied at the end of your meal.

Linger Over Your Meal

Some restaurants are all about speed. You walk in, order your meal, eat, and leave in minutes. However, food is meant to be enjoyed at Chef and the Farmer. You can start with a small plate to share before moving to the main course and dessert. The staff will keep the food coming but won’t rush you, so take your time to explore the rich and complex flavor profiles in each dish.

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Dine-in Or Order Out

You can place an order for pickup at Chef and the Farmer if you don’t want to dine inside the restaurant. However, the service and atmosphere are on point, so stop by for a meal if you have the time. Because of the restaurant’s popularity, tables can be hard to come by, though, so make reservations first. Then you won’t have to worry about a long wait when you arrive.

Chef and the Farmer is the crown jewel of Kinston’s restaurant scene. Be sure to head over soon so you can taste what all the fuss is about regarding this eatery.

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