Dodge’s Military Bonus Cash

A female soldier and her husband use a banking app to check the state of their finances before the woman leaves for a military assignment.
Purchasing a vehicle is one of your most important buying decisions. It can also be stressful to go shopping for a vehicle. This is a significant financial commitment, so you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. Dodge dealers in Kinston, NC, want to ensure you achieve your... [read more]

The Best Chili Recipe For A Chilly Day

Homemade Chili Con Carne with Cheese
When you think of perfect wintertime food, chili is probably high on the list of things that come to mind. Chili goes well with many side dishes. Moreover, you can enjoy it for lunch, dinner, or even as a snack in between. However, while a lot of people may not... [read more]

Take A Trip To Exchange Nature Center

pine forest in early morning in autumn. Woods with tree silhouettes
It’s always good to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of your routine. For example, stepping outdoors and seeing the beauty of nature can be refreshing and revitalizing. If you live in or around Kinston, NC, you don’t have to go far to enjoy a serene, peaceful setting.... [read more]

Repurpose Your Christmas Tree This Year

Photo of discarded Christmas tree waiting for trash pickup by the side of the road in early January which ends the holiday season.
One of the hallmark symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree. This decorative object is a focal point of your Christmas and home during the holiday season. However, once Christmas passes, most people throw it out (if it’s not an artificial tree). But you can get creative and find alternative... [read more]

Explore The New 2023 Jeep Gladiator

A closeup shot of Jeep Gladiator against a sunset
Whether you’re a fan of Jeeps or not, you’re going to love the 2023 Gladiator. Unlike anything this automaker made before, it’s revolutionizing the four-wheel drive experience. Not only can it tackle tough terrain with ease, but it also offers maximum utility. People are going wild over this open-air pickup... [read more]

Guests Will LOVE This CharcuterTREE Board

    With this CharcuterTREE board, you’ll make every one of your guests happy. That’s because it’s made with delicious food items. In addition, it’s in the shape of a Christmas tree. Not only is this board made with yummy things to eat, but it also looks festive. Gathering the Items that You’ll... [read more]

Decorating Tricks To Make Your Holiday Cozy

Decorated fireplace in a family home with Christmas tree
If you’re tired of hosting big holiday events and the kids are grown and gone, it’s time to enjoy more laid-back holidays. However, you still want your home to look and feel festive. With these amazing decorating ideas, you can accomplish both goals. Find out how to make your house... [read more]

Be Holiday Ready With These M&D Gifts

Happy African American mother and daughter reading Christmas card while drawing at home.
Even if you’ve finished buying the main gifts for your family members and friends, there are still stocking stuffers to get. The problem is that you want to buy something nice yet affordable. Instead of going to the wrong stores, check out M&D Gifts. You can order items online and... [read more]

Enjoy The Cosmic Experience At Ellis Planetarium

Interior view of a planetarium.
Kinston is fortunate to be home to Ellis Planetarium, a local favorite. This planetarium offers an incredible way to see the vastness of the solar system, galaxy, and outer space. In addition, it is family-friendly and will delight both the young and old. Make plans to stop by and visit... [read more]

Your Guide To The Perfect Fried Turkey

Hot fresh and delicious turkey being removed from a deep fat fryer after being cooked for a holiday celebration.
Turkey is an iconic food during fall, and many people love to use unique recipes and cooking styles. But more and more are thinking about frying their turkey. However, some are hesitant to try this method or have tried it and didn’t have success. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-master tips... [read more]