Repurpose Your Christmas Tree This Year

Photo of discarded Christmas tree waiting for trash pickup by the side of the road in early January which ends the holiday season.

One of the hallmark symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree. This decorative object is a focal point of your Christmas and home during the holiday season. However, once Christmas passes, most people throw it out (if it’s not an artificial tree). But you can get creative and find alternative ways to use your tree after the holiday’s end. This can be a fun way to get lots of use out of your tree long after Dec. 25. There are also environmentally friendly ideas.

Make It a Place for Wildlife to Feed

You can take your old Christmas tree right out to your backyard. Here, you can let birds and other small animals feed from it. For example, you can leave the tree in the stand or prop it up with rocks or sand. You can even put it in a planter. Furthermore, you can adorn it with orange slices, pinecones with peanut butter, and other bird-friendly food. Then you can enjoy watching a variety of birds flock to your yard.

Make a Place of Refuge for Animals

Smaller animals, such as birds and squirrels, can easily fall prey to larger predators. You can give these vulnerable creatures some help in the form of your Christmas tree. Lay the tree on the ground in your backyard. It can serve as cover against predators and the rough winter.

Use It as Compost

Another simple way to repurpose your Christmas tree is to compost it. All you have to do is shred it into wood chips and then place it in a compost pile on your property. This will benefit the soil and pay dividends in spring and summer.

Improve Your Bird Feeders

Fourthly, if you have a backyard bird feeder, the branches of a Christmas tree can make it even better. For instance, cut off a few branches and hang them above the feeder. This provides a perch where birds can wait for available space at the feeder. Moreover, the branches can make a roof over the feeder, protecting the birds as they feed.

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Use Parts of the Trees for Your Garden

In your garden, you may have perennials. In the summer, they can be vibrant and thriving. However, during the winter, they can struggle. The good news is a few branches from your Christmas tree can come to the rescue. If you cut off a couple of branches and carefully place them over the flowers and plants, it can help preserve them until spring. Then, when spring arrives, remove the branches.

As you prepare to take down your Christmas decorations, remember these ideas for your tree. Try one or more of these this year so you can enjoy your Christmas tree throughout the year.

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