Dodge’s Military Bonus Cash

A female soldier and her husband use a banking app to check the state of their finances before the woman leaves for a military assignment.

Purchasing a vehicle is one of your most important buying decisions. It can also be stressful to go shopping for a vehicle. This is a significant financial commitment, so you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. Dodge dealers in Kinston, NC, want to ensure you achieve your goal of having a reliable vehicle. This is certainly true for military members. Now, you can benefit from Dodge’s Military Bonus Cash program and get into the vehicle you need.

How It Works

This program aims to honor and show appreciation to those who serve or have been military members. It provides eligible shoppers with $500 in bonus cash toward the purchase of select 2022 vehicles. You can apply this bonus cash to a purchase or a lease. The offer only applies to 2022 Dodge vehicles, including SRT.

Who Is Eligible?

A nice aspect of this incentive is that it doesn’t apply to current military members. For example, you could be in the military reserve and still be eligible. Plus, a retired military and military reserve member can receive the bonus cash. Moreover, disabled veterans and those who are honorably discharged can receive the bonus cash. Those discharged must use the cash within 12 months of their discharge.

How to Get the Military Discount

A shopper must take a few steps to get this military bonus cash. Those eligible must have documentation. This should show they are active, retired, or honorably discharged military members. Individuals may show the dealership a code from the “Get Active/Retired Military Authorization Number” button on an official Dodge website. Doing this will confirm the person’s status with an authorized Dodge dealer. This is only applicable in the U.S., and the person should do this at the time of purchase or lease. There may also be the need to present this information to a third party. But for those stationed overseas, there are comparable offers available.


But be aware that this incentive is for military personnel only. On the other hand, spouses of military members who have passed away can be eligible for this incentive.

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Other Offers Are Available

Lastly, one of the wonderful aspects of shopping for a Dodge vehicle at a Dodge dealership is that you can find even more special offers. For example, there are dealer cash incentives, affiliate company codes, and employee discounts.

If you are a military member, you can get some help in purchasing or leasing your next Dodge vehicle. Check out this fantastic Military Bonus Cash program today. Then stop by the dealership of Doug Henry CDJR in Kinston, North Carolina, and ask about this incentive.

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