6 Ways To Make Your Graduate Feel Special

Proud mother hugging her graduating son
Do you want to make your graduate feel special but aren’t interested in throwing a massive (and expensive) party? Fortunately, there are tons of options that are even more fun than big blowouts. Plus, you’ll have extra money by forgoing the party, giving you additional funds toward a fantastic gift.... [read more]

7 Tips To Protect Your Car From The Summer Heat

Aluminum coverlet on the windshield of the car to protect from heat and sun inside.
You’ve made it through the cold months, and now, you’re ready to drive into summer. You want to make it through the season with ease, so check out some tips to protect your car from the summer heat. Then your car will be ready for heatwaves and anything else the... [read more]

Serve Mom Breakfast In Bed For Mother’s Day With These 5 Recipes

mom served breakfast in bed
Mothers often spend a lifetime feeding others. They make meals, serve them, and often clean up afterward. It can feel like a thankless task, but you can show your appreciation by serving breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day. First, check out some divine breakfast recipes that will hit the spot.... [read more]

Help The Kids Keep Cool With These 5 Spring Break Recipes

Homemade vanilla ice cream
Spring means the kids are back to playing outside and soaking in that springtime sun. While they are playing, you may be thinking of ways to help them stay hydrated on their breaks. Maybe you are thinking of whipping up a treat that will help them cool off. Try these... [read more]

Start Your Day With A Cup Of Joe From Middle Grounds Coffee House

female barista working in coffee shop
Coffee lovers everywhere are always looking for new places to try freshly brewed coffee. Maybe you're looking to change up your morning routine, maybe you're craving something different, or maybe you just need to find a way to stay fueled throughout the day. Middle Grounds Coffeehouse is just the place that... [read more]

7 Games To Play With The Sprinklers This Spring

Little Boy Having Fun in the Sprinklers
If you don't have access to a pool, beach, or somewhere for the kids to cool off this spring, there is still a way to create the perfect water day right in your backyard. Get the kids ready to get wet and crank up those sprinklers. These seven sprinkler games... [read more]

Get Your Vegetable Garden Started With These 4 Essential Tips

child picks ripe tomatoes from a branch
As spring begins to be in full swing and the weather is getting warmer, you may have that slight urge to start a vegetable garden. Maybe you're looking for a new hobby, wanting to grow fresh produce for your family, have the urge to start cooking with fresher ingredients, or... [read more]