Get Your Home Ready To Host 4th Of July

American Flags hung on a banner for the Fourth of July

We’re one week away from fireworks and barbeque, and here at Doug Henry CDJR, we can’t wait to celebrate our nation’s independence. Whenever you’re playing the role of host to a large group of people there are a few preparations you need to make. If you’re planning to host a big Fourth of July celebration, take a look at these ideas for transforming your home into the perfect place for a patriotic party.

Create Patriotic Flower Arrangements

If you like keeping fresh flowers in your home, run by your nearest florist and grab a few red, white, and blue flowers. Some great options are red peonies, azaleas, Virginia bluebells, Dutch irises, Alexander white candytufts, and cape jasmine gardenias. If you have a knack for creating lovely flower arrangements, you can arrange them in red white, and blue displays. If not, no worries. Just separate them by color and place them throughout your home in small vases. If you’re using a glass vase, you can even turn the water red or blue with food coloring.

Frame a Few American Flags

If you have a picture frame that isn’t in use, frame an American flag. You can hang it up in any room to add a quick touch of patriotism. If you don’t have a flag around, you can always make one. Here is an easy American Flag painting tutorial for beginners. Another option is to frame a few of your little ones’ Fourth of July crafts.

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Independence Day Décor on Budget

You don’t have to go out and buy a lot of streamers or other Fourth of July décor to make your home seem festive. Instead, save money by purchasing small American flags at a dollar store near you. You can remove the sticks from a few of the flags and hang them from your mantel or around a table. You can also stick a few on your lawn or along the path to your front door. Finally, if you have any burlap fabric, add red stripes to it and use it as a table runner.

All of these easy Fourth of July decorating ideas are fast and simple to execute. Try out one or two and have fun at your Independence Day party.

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