Harmony Hall – A Piece Of American History In Kinston

Harmony Hall
If you’re a history buff, North Carolina is a great place to live or visit. With sites like the CSS Neuse Interpretive Center, the North Carolina Transportation Museum, Roanoke Island Festival Park, and the James K. Polk State Historic Site, you can explore so many eras of American history. But... [read more]

Learn About The World Around You At The Planetarium

Don’t you want to know more about the universe? We as humans know so little about what’s out there. But scientists, astronauts, and engineers are working hard every day to help us learn even a fraction more about the rest of the world beyond our little blue planet. And if... [read more]

Find Out About Many Plants And Animals At The Exchange Nature Center

Exchange Nature Center
Whether you’ve lived in the area for your whole life or you moved recently, you have probably already realized how beautiful nature is here. But how much do you really know about it? There’s always a chance to learn something new, especially when you pay a visit to the Exchange... [read more]

Learn About The History Of Lenoir County

History Of Lenoir County
How well do you know the history of Lenoir County, North Carolina? We recently dug up some interesting facts about this wonderful region and decided to share them. Read on and test your knowledge about the area! It’s Named For a Revolutionary War Hero Lenoir County was named after William Lenoir... [read more]

Take A Class At The Kinston Community Center

Kinston Community Center
Whether you’re looking to get fit for the summer or just want a way to stay in shape year-round, the Kinston Community Center offers a wealth of aerobic classes that can help you lose weight, strengthen your core, tone your muscles, and improve mobility. Check out the list of land... [read more]

BBQ Fest On The Neuse

BBQ Fest On The Neuse
One of the most fun events in the area is coming up in May! Get excited for BBQ Fest on the Neuse. This barbecue festival is going to run May 1 through May 4. You can taste and experience it all in Downtown Kinston. Schedule of Events There’s so much to see... [read more]

The Beginner’s Guide To Off-Roading

Off-roading is a great hobby, especially for Jeep owners. Hitting the trail in your vehicle lets you experience nature in a brand new way and test your vehicle and your driving skills. If you’re looking to get started, though, it can be pretty intimidating. Here are a few tips to... [read more]

KDS Motor Sports

KDS Motor Sports
Rev up your engines and catch a thrilling drag race this month at KDS Motorsports in Kinston. This legendary track features monthly races and other track activities that everyone can enjoy. Read on for info on upcoming events, track rules, and more! About The Track The Kinston Drag Strip was originally opened... [read more]

Visit Lions Water Adventure Park

Lions Water Adventure Park
Spring has arrived in Kinston, North Carolina and the warm weather is coming with it. As the days begin to gradually heat up, make plans to for you and your family to visit the Lions Water Adventure Park. Built in conjunction with the Woodman Community Center, the park opened in 2013... [read more]