7 Mindful Ways To Accomplish Your Holiday Shopping

family holiday shopping
It’s easy to feel out of control during the holiday shopping season. From racing around to find deals to attempting to discover the perfect gift, the experience can be a whirlwind. You can get back in control with these seven mindful ways to accomplish holiday shopping. 1.      Make a Plan It’s easy... [read more]

Treat Your Family To A Meal At Chef And The Farmer In Kinston

sharing food at a restaurant
Famous chefs normally set up shop in cities like Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Fortunately for Kinston residents, Vivian Howard decided to take a different approach. After gaining fame as a television personality and cookbook author, she opened Chef and The Farmer in Kinston, North Carolina. The... [read more]

6 Tips To Keep Your Jeep In Tip Top Shape This Winter

close up of man hand holding cap of brake fluid reservoir tank while checking brake fluid level in an engine
Your Jeep’s been your reliable sidekick for most of the year, and now, it’s almost time for winter. The cold winter weather creates unique challenges for vehicles and owners, but you can power through easily with the right strategy. Check out six tips that will help you and your Jeep... [read more]

Try This Easy, No Stress Turkey Recipe This Holiday

Preparing Stuffed Turkey
While the rest of your family is counting down the days until they can dig into some turkey, you’re feeling a little stressed. Making a turkey is hard work, and you’re afraid it won’t meet your family’s expectations. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about a thing when you use... [read more]

Go Back In Time At Mother Earth Motor Lodge In Kinston

Woman packing suitcase for travel
An overnight stay in a motel can be much more than having a place to sleep. The atmosphere can provide a fun, memorable experience. For example, the colors, sights, and styles of your room can be nostalgic. Of course, your room should be comfortable, too. You’ll find these elements and... [read more]

Grab A Bite To Eat At The Laughing Owl

talian Minestrone Soup with Fresh Salad
For a special occasion, an evening outing with the family, or for any other reason, a meal at a great restaurant is always a good choice. And for people in Kinston, NC, The Laughing Owl is a favorite for quality, variety, and service. There’s a location in Kinston and another... [read more]

5 Tips For Off-Roading In Your Jeep

Owning and driving a Jeep provides many benefits. For example, not only is a Jeep dependable for everyday driving, but it’s durable and tough enough to handle rough roads. A Jeep is ideal for hitting rocky terrain and navigating steep, challenging paths. If you’re heading out of Kinston, NC, to... [read more]

Explore The Ellis Planetarium

Two kids looking at a science exhibit,
The world around you has so much to explore and learn about. One of the best ways to take in these wonders is at a museum. Kinston, NC, is home to a venue filled with intrigue and learning: the Ellis Planetarium, Health & Science Museum. Whether you and your family... [read more]

Try Out These Carolina Inspired Sauce Recipes

Hands mixing tomato sauce and sour cream in glass bowl for making filled paprika.
Do you have a craving for some Carolina-inspired sauces, but you don’t feel like going out to eat? Instead of stifling your craving, make some sauces at home. Carolina-inspired sauces are surprisingly easy to make, and they’ll add delicious flavors to your meals. In fact, they’re so good that you’ll... [read more]

Give These Indoor Activities For Kids A Try

family playing board games
Even if your kids love playing outside, they can’t do it every day. Extreme temperatures and rain can keep the little ones inside, meaning they have to find fun things to do in the house. That won’t be a problem when you plan a day full of these indoor activities... [read more]