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Be Holiday Ready With These M&D Gifts

Happy African American mother and daughter reading Christmas card while drawing at home.
Even if you’ve finished buying the main gifts for your family members and friends, there are still stocking stuffers to get. The problem is that you want to buy something nice yet affordable. Instead of going to the wrong stores, check out M&D Gifts. You can order items online and... [read more]

Enjoy The Cosmic Experience At Ellis Planetarium

Interior view of a planetarium.
Kinston is fortunate to be home to Ellis Planetarium, a local favorite. This planetarium offers an incredible way to see the vastness of the solar system, galaxy, and outer space. In addition, it is family-friendly and will delight both the young and old. Make plans to stop by and visit... [read more]

Your Guide To The Perfect Fried Turkey

Hot fresh and delicious turkey being removed from a deep fat fryer after being cooked for a holiday celebration.
Turkey is an iconic food during fall, and many people love to use unique recipes and cooking styles. But more and more are thinking about frying their turkey. However, some are hesitant to try this method or have tried it and didn’t have success. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-master tips... [read more]

Spruce Up Your Home With These Wreaths

attractive middle aged woman hanging cranberry wreath on white front door
A beautiful, fall-themed wreath can significantly impact your home’s curb appeal. And while there are many great options in the stores, making your own can be a fun change. Of course, you can buy a wreath from the store. But another great choice is to design or create your own... [read more]

Easy Steps To Creating Your Fall Tablescape

Stylish fall place setting in gold and white with wicker accents in light and bright dining room
Many people love to entertain in their homes and spend a lot of time decorating the rooms. But if you aren’t taking the time to set a scene at your table, then you’re overlooking an important piece. While you want to showcase the good food you’re serving, a fall tablescape... [read more]

The Best Fall Soup Recipes

assortment of fall soups
During the summer, it can feel like it’s too hot most days for a bowl of soup. But once the leaves start changing color and the cooler weather arrives, it’s time. Make this fall soup and change things up for your next mealtime. Taco Soup Taco Tuesdays get a fall makeover by... [read more]

Visit The Autumn’s In The Air Fall Festival

Mother and son enjoy on a sunny day in the amusement park. The Viennese Prater Wheel in the background.
Kinston, a town steeped in rich history and community, is preparing for the Autumn’s In The Air Fall Festival. This festival will offer tons of fun activities, music, vendors, and more. This is the festival’s first year, making it even more exciting. Come celebrate the fall and visit the Autumn’s... [read more]

Stroll Around Kinston On These Beautiful Trails

Autumn Sunlit Boardwalk
You don’t need to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy walking on the trails in and around Kinston, North Carolina. Depending on where you live, you might discover a trail nearby. If not, you’ll find plenty of places within driving distance. Not only is this a great way to see... [read more]

Easy Ways To Decorate Your Porch For Fall

Autumn wooden porch or patio, family heirlooms, with pumpkins and cozy blankets. thanksgiving landscaping decor.
A lot of people take pride in how their porches look. Because fall is such a wonderful time of the year, it’s ideal for decorating. As you can imagine, there are endless options. You can dress things up a little or go all out. Because there are no rules to... [read more]

Make Fall Vegetables The Star Of The Meal With These Recipes

Farmer woman holding wooden box full of fresh raw vegetables.
It’s not just children who snub their noses at vegetables but also some adults. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to switch things up. Here are a few incredible recipes for this fall that’ll make a big difference in getting everyone to eat and enjoy their veggies. The next time... [read more]