Easy Ways To Decorate Your Porch For Fall

Autumn wooden porch or patio, family heirlooms, with pumpkins and cozy blankets. thanksgiving landscaping decor.

A lot of people take pride in how their porches look. Because fall is such a wonderful time of the year, it’s ideal for decorating. As you can imagine, there are endless options. You can dress things up a little or go all out. Because there are no rules to follow, you’ll enjoy decorating your porch for fall even more. If you need more ideas than what you find online, go through different neighborhoods to get inspiration from other people.

Rustic Welcome Sign

A popular way to decorate a porch is to place a large vertical sign near the door. This isn’t just any sign but one that spells out the word “Welcome.” To make this, all you need is a piece of wood that measures roughly 10 inches wide by 5 feet tall. You can use stencils and paint or freehand draw the word on the wood. If you want a rustic look, try to find an old piece of barn wood.

For something a little more sophisticated, visit your local lumberyard. Keeping the sign outdoors, you want to protect it by applying a coat of polyurethane once the letters dry. If you want to make this project colorful, place pumpkins in varying sizes around the bottom of the sign.

Take Advantage of Old Furniture

Do you have an old dresser, desk, or bookshelf taking up space in the basement? If not, you can find something suitable and cheap at a thrift store. Use the piece to decorate your porch this fall. You can apply a quick coat of paint or use the furniture in its current condition.

For this project, buy several small, medium, and large pumpkins in different colors. You’ll also need some uniquely shaped gourds and a small corn stalk. Place the furniture off to the side of the door. Then, set the various items on and around it. Because the colors will pop, your house will look amazing.

A Ladder and Roasting Pan

If you don’t have a rickety wooden ladder and large metal roasting pan, you can easily find them at a thrift store. For a simple but beautiful porch design, set the pan on your porch and fill it with white pumpkins of different sizes. Place the old wooden ladder next to it. Now, you’ll need four pieces of wood that’ll fit loosely between the rungs. After painting the wood white, stencil a letter on each in your choice of color. When hung vertically, they’ll spell “HOME.” As expected, this will look incredible.

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Decorate Your Home for Fall With Pallets

For this, use a saw to cut three pallets. Make each one in the shape of a pumpkin but of different sizes. Of course, you can distress the wood or paint it depending on the look you want. You can attach the shapes to a flat piece of wood or simply lean them against the house. Now, to complete this decoration, place a miniature corn stalk next to the pumpkin cutouts.

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