Try These Easy DIY Photo Holders

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It’s that time of year when giving heart felt gifts is essential, and hand made presents can sometimes express how much someone means to you more than store bought gifts can. When you’re looking for something to give someone, you might find yourself saying “This would work if it has this” or “If only it had this here then it would be perfect.” Seeing other items can give you ideas of what to make yourself, such as photo holders for your photos and/or cards that you shared with other people.

What Materials Do I Need?

  • Wooden Blocks
  • Heavy Copper Wire
  • Needle nose pliers/wire cutters
  • Hot Glue or Super Glue
  • Drill

How Do I Make A Photo Holder?

For this Valentines Day, you will be making two heart shaped photo holders that will display your pictures in a unique manner.

Step One: First, you’ll to allow yourself enough wire to make a heart using the pliers.

Step Two: Then after you have created your heart, you’ll need to bring the wire to the front by twisting it around the bottom to start your second heart.

Step Three: After you make your second heart, twist any left over wire around the bottom, and trim any unnecessary wire.

Step Four: Trim the stem of the photo holder to the length of your choice.

Step Five: For your base, you’ll need to drill a small hole all the way through the center of each block.

Step Six: Finally, add super glue or hot glue to bottom of the wire and stick them into the blocks.

Step Seven: Let the glue dry and you have a unique decoration piece to add to any room or desk.

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Try It For Yourself

This is an easy to make “do it yourself” project that you can give to some for Valentine’s Day or to make for yourself. You can also invite a friend to join in on the fun craft. Once your project is done, you can add a card or picture to be displayed on a desk or shelf for all to see.  This craft can easily be moved from room to room, and if you don’t want hearts, you create other designs with the wire. You might even have copper wire leftover for other projects.

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