10 Tips That Will Keep Your Lawn Healthy This Summer

Lawn mower

The summer heat isn’t always a lawn’s best friend, especially if you accidentally mow too low, over or under water, or ignore pest signs. The last thing you want is for your lawn to turn yellow or brown in these green months. Try using these tips to take care of your lawn this summer.

Mowing Height

Contrary to what you may think, it is important to adjust your mower height to leave your grass a little taller in the summer. This will keep the soil shaded to reduce water evaporation and induce deeper rooting which prevents weeds.


For green, healthy grass, you’ll want to water deeply and infrequently. Check your local water authority for recommended irrigation schedules.

Treat for Grubs

What are Grubs? Grubs are Japanese beetles, European Chafers, and other beetles that lay eggs in grass in early summer and hatch soon after. Check the local cooperative extension system office for the best time to treat your lawn.

Doggie Clean Up

Your family dog is a furry friend, but the grass doesn’t agree. Your dog’s bathroom breaks can cause dead spots in your lawn. Make a regular clean up schedule or train your dog to use a different area.


You never want to drive or park your car on the lawn. You don’t want to damage the turf and create dead spots. Even walking on the lawn while you’re in a dry period isn’t the best idea.

Lawn Mower Blades

Sharpening your lawn mower blades can give your grass a cleaner cut and prevent brown edges. A sharp blade typically lasts for ten hours of mowing.


Believe it or not, you should let your lawn clippings lie. When you mow at the correct height, the grass clippings can lie and act as a fertilizer to save you time and money.


You’ll want to fertilize warm-season grasses. Turf grows a lot stronger in the warmer months, so they need nutrients. Wait until fall or early spring to fertilize cool-season lawns.

Pick Up Litter

Summer activities are typically outside, which can cause lawn games, toys, and chairs to be left out. Make sure you are picking it up after you use these items to protect your lawn.

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You should apply weed control to your grass. These come in many variations. Make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully.

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