Design Your Own Wall Tree This Season

Christmas tree and Christmas light

Every holiday season there is a debate over what is better when it comes to a Christmas tree. Do you prefer a real tree or an artificial tree? Both have their pros and cons, but what if there was another option? Consider crafting your very own DIY Wall Christmas Tree this year. These trees take up less space and catch everyone’s eye with how unique they are. Check out these fabulous ideas from Tip Junkie to get started.


One fun way to make your wall tree stand out is to incorporate metal. Copper is shiny and modern, making it super unique as the main element of your wall tree. Find copper piping at a local hardware store and place it in horizontal lines on your wall. Make sure they are cut at different lengths to reflect the shape of a real tree. Then, use your favorite ornaments and hang them off the piping.


If you want the real thing but don’t have the space, this option is for you. The best way to achieve the look of a real Christmas tree without using one is with garland. You will also need Glue Dots Flexible Hang Tabs to keep the tree in place on your wall. Start placing your garland in a triangular outline and then fill in the shape. Decorate this just like a real tree with ornaments and lights.


Do you have a favorite color? Pick out ornaments in shades of your favorite color and arrange them in the shape of a Christmas tree on your wall. Add ornaments that sparkle or shine to make it really stand out.


Make your wall tree personal by including all of your favorite photos, cards, and memorabilia. Simply do this by making your wall tree out of thin wood, balsa wood works nicely, and arranging it in a tree shape. Then, connect the wood using a glue gun. Once your tree is connected, you can hang it from the ceiling with string. When it is hanging, attach your collection of decorations to it.

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A simple yet effective way to get a Christmas tree look on your wall is to use nothing but lights. Do you have a few strands of lights lying around? That is all you need to make this bright wall tree. String your lights back and forth in the shape of a Christmas tree and that is it!

Enjoy these fun and easy holiday ideas!

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