Visit Ironclad Axe Throwing For Group Fun

Are you looking for a fun activity that may add some healthy competition to your family’s night out? Visit Ironclad Axe Throwing! Here you will find several lanes that include wooden targets. You will be challenged to try and get your axe on the bullseye and get your axe to stick in the wood. Find out who is the strongest in your family with this activity. You never know, Ironclad Axe Throwing may surprise you.

How it Works

Each session begins with a safety briefing and training. Throughout your axe throwing session, you’ll enjoy coaching and games to make sure you’re landing the axe and having a good time. Just when you get comfortable throwing your axe, your guide will have you and your family spice it up with a challenging game. This activity can range from one to two hours long. Therefore, you can use it as a time killer activity, a day activity before having a meal, or just a fun date night out.


For safety reasons, you must be over the age of 10 years old to participate in this activity. You are allowed up to six guests per party. Therefore, for our smaller families of four, you are good to go. For larger families, you may have to split up into two groups or teams. A wavier will need to be signed for everyone in the party for legal purposes.

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Wait, There is More

For those that may not be able to achieve the requirements because of age, there is an arcade option as well. Take your friendly competition to the game room instead. The arcade includes a wide variety of games that will keep the competition going if you can’t participate, or one of your kids can’t participate in Ironclad Axe Throwing activity.

It is safe to say, Ironclad has a way to ensure the whole family has a great time! Between the amount of Axe Throwing lanes they have and the arcade, no one will be bored here! Everyone will get to participate in some competition in some, way, shape, or form.

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