Give These Indoor Activities For Kids A Try

family playing board games

Even if your kids love playing outside, they can’t do it every day. Extreme temperatures and rain can keep the little ones inside, meaning they have to find fun things to do in the house. That won’t be a problem when you plan a day full of these indoor activities that your kids will love. Go over some ideas and add them to your itinerary.

Embark on a Scavenger Hunt

Your kiddos don’t have to go outside to embark on a scavenger hunt. Instead, you can make a list of items they’ll find around the house and then let them loose. If your kids have a competitive streak, you can give a prize to the winner. It doesn’t have to be a major prize to make it fun. Even a first-place certificate will make the game more competitive.

Stage a Play

You can spark your kids’ creativity by having them write and act in a play. Once they write the play, encourage them to build a mini set with blankets, chairs, stuffed animals, and other items around the house. Then grab a seat and watch your little ones perform. It’s amazing what kids can come up with when left to their own creative devices, so you’re in for a treat.

Make a Movie

Watching a play is fun, but once it’s over, you only have memories. If you want a keepsake, have your kids create a movie for you to film. If they don’t want to create an original movie, you can have them act out scenes from their favorite films. Kids have unbelievable memories, and they can often deliver dialogue word for word. Of course, if they mess up, that will make it even more fun.

Play a Board Game

You can also break out the board games while spending time inside. Board games can be educational and fun, and they also teach kids about healthy competition. While any board game will do, this is a great opportunity to introduce your kiddos to your favorite games from childhood. And the kids won’t be the only ones having fun. Just think of how thrilling it would be to play a game of Sorry or Hungry, Hungry Hippo again. Dust off those skills and give your kids a run for their money. You might just come out a winner.

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Write a Story

Hand your kids some pens and paper and have them write stories. Then, when they finish, have a reading. Your kids will love showing off what they created, and you’ll enjoy listening to their tales.

These activities are proof that your kids can easily fill their days while inside. Each option is sure to be a blast, so start planning today.

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