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Explore The Ellis Planetarium

Two kids looking at a science exhibit,
The world around you has so much to explore and learn about. One of the best ways to take in these wonders is at a museum. Kinston, NC, is home to a venue filled with intrigue and learning: the Ellis Planetarium, Health & Science Museum. Whether you and your family... [read more]

Your Itinerary For A Kinston, NC Weekend

Young couple enjoying the sunny day at park
You don’t have to take a big trip to have an exciting weekend. Instead, you can enjoy the numerous activities and attractions in Kinston, NC. Whether you’ve lived here for years or you’re new to the area, you can turn your weekend into a fun-filled event. First, though, you have... [read more]

Explore The Historical Caswell No. 1 Fire Station

When children are young, they’re almost always fascinated by anything that moves – cars, trains, planes, and more. As they get older, they begin to become more attracted to vehicles that have a strong appeal such as dump trucks, fire trucks, police cars, and so on. Perhaps your child is... [read more]

Visit Caswell No. 1 Fire Station Museum

Caswell No. 1 Fire Station Museum
If you are looking for a unique and historical attraction in Kinston, NC, then look no further than Caswell No. 1 Fire Station Museum. It’s located on South Queen Street and is Kinston’s oldest remaining municipal building. Originally erected in 1895, the building was converted into a museum in 1993... [read more]