Store Your Holiday Decorations Neatly With These Organization Tips

Various colorful Christmas decorations in boxes

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to put away your fun decorations and go back to your normal home décor. Putting away decorations is always a tough task to get done in one day. If you are looking for ways to make organizing and cleaning up your décor easier, we have some useful tips for you.

Use Resealable Bags

Ornaments are always tedious to put away. From taking them off the tree one by one to finding space for them. If you are wanting to keep your ornaments in the same container, and sorted by color, use a clear resealable gallon bag from your kitchen. Not only is this easy, but it will also keep your glittery ornaments safe and organized.

Wrap Your Tree

Saran wrapping your artificial tree is a great way to keep it clean until the next holiday season. If you still have the box the tree came in, it will fit nicely with the wrap holding in the branches. No more trying to fit your tree back into the tiny box it came in!

Use Cardboard

Christmas lights are the one decoration that seems to always come out tangled no matter how well kept they are. This year, try wrapping your lights around a piece of cardboard before putting them up. This will keep them detangled and easy to get to the next time you need them.

Save Your Water Bottles

If you have a stash of empty water bottles you have been meaning to throw away, you can use them to store your garland in. Instead of letting your garland get tangled, simply slip them into a bottle and save them for next year.

Hang Your Ornaments

If you have those special ‘shatter-proof’ ornaments you like to hang on your tree every year, consider placing them on a wooden rod inside a plastic bin. They will be well organized and ready to hang up next Christmas.

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Use Old Storage Containers

Those old shoe boxes you kept will finally come in handy this year. You can easily turn your empty boxes into storage for your festive Christmas decorations. The great thing about this is these boxes can fit practically anywhere, so if you are running out of room you can easily stash these shoe boxes in any closet you want.

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