Learn About The World Around You At The Planetarium


Don’t you want to know more about the universe? We as humans know so little about what’s out there. But scientists, astronauts, and engineers are working hard every day to help us learn even a fraction more about the rest of the world beyond our little blue planet. And if you want to learn about what they’re studying and what they already know, you’ll want to take a trip to the planetarium at Neuseway Nature Park. Chances are that you’ve never seen stars up close and personal like this, so you should take full advantage of this opportunity while you can. Learn more about the planetarium below.

What Is It?

Never been to a planetarium before? You may not know what to expect if you haven’t. This planetarium seats 52 and is inside a 24-foot dome structure. The night sky is then projected onto the roof of the dome. The effect it creates is really something special, and you’ll want to see it for yourself if you haven’t already done so.

Analog Spitz Projector

Now, the planetarium is even better than ever. It recently added an Analog Spritz Projector, which allows the staff to project movies and other moving images onto the dome. This will give you a whole new planetarium experience, so make sure to check it out while you’re there.

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When to Go

Want to catch a show at the planetarium? You’ll want to know when you can go. From Tuesday through Sunday, catch a show at 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. On Saturday, you can also see a show at noon. All of these scheduled shows are free to the public, so you don’t have to pay anything to get in. However, if you want to schedule a private or group show, you can contact the planetarium. There will be a cost of $1.50 per person for admission if you choose to go this route.

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