Warm Up This Season By Making Your Own Fire Pit

Roasting Marshmallows over a camp fire.As the colder months are approaching, a great way to enjoy the outdoors comfortably is with a fire pit. While most store-bought fire pits could cost upwards of several hundred dollars, it doesn’t have to be as expensive if you can just build one yourself. With just a few materials, some knowledge, and a can-do attitude, you can have your very own outdoor fire pit without spending hundreds at your local outdoors store. Let’s check out HGTV’s excellent design for a DIY fire pit.

As far as materials, you’ll need about 48 10.25” x 7” concrete wall blocks, 48 3.5” x 7” mini concrete blocks, six bags of river rocks, a rake, a garden hoe, a shovel, a 3’-4’ level, and weed killer.

Step 1

The first step in this project is to create your foundation. Alternating your large and small blocks, create a circle to your desired width of the fire pit. Using your level, make sure the bricks are just about even all the way around.

Step 2

Next, you’ll need to build out the rest of the walls. Be sure to alternate large and small blocks here to create a good-looking design.

Step 3

While you are assembling the walls, be sure to go back to every level and make sure your walls are still even.

Step 4

With a hoe and a shovel, create a 2-inch perimeter around the fire pit. After this, you’ll need your weed killer to take care of any vegetation growing around the fire pit.

Step 5

Next, you’ll need to add in your river rocks. In the area that you cleared, pour the river rocks around the perimeter of the fire pit for a little extra aesthetic touch.

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Step 6

Now it is time to add your finishing touches. Pour your remaining river rocks into the center of the fire pit, and spread to the edges. This will help with drainage, as well as reduce weed growth. 

We can already taste the s’mores. Enjoy your new fire pit!

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