Must-Try Kinston Restaurants

Here in Kinston, North Carolina, the restaurants are just as fantastic as the vehicle inventory — and that’s pretty great. From fancy hot dogs to delicious pies and perfectly prepared deli sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with these eateries. Check out our top list of Kinston eats so you can make plans to visit them all and get a taste of the town.

Ma’s Hot Dog House

Ma’s Hot Dog House has been serving up the Kinston community delicious, American eats for over 30 years. While hot dogs are their specialty, hence the name, the restaurant serves incredible burgers, pilly cheesesteaks, and even a “shrimpburger” if you feel like venturing out.

Sugar Hill Pizzeria

New York Style pizza is the real kind of pizza, right? This style of pie can be a challenge to find in the south, but you’re in luck, as Sugar Hill Pizzeria is the top-rated pizza place in Kinston. You can order an entire pizza or just a slice, so feed the family or treat yourself to a lunch date for one. Pair your slice with a fresh salad and prepare to be amazed.

Queen Street Deli

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Queen Street Deli offers an assortment of fresh sandwiches, soups, and mouth-watering side items. Although, the restaurant doesn’t stop there, as there are frozen meals, desserts, and dinner selections to enjoy. Also, make sure you save room for dessert, as their housemade cookies are out of this world.

The Inside Scoop

If you’re more of an ice cream connoisseur, head on over to Inside Scoop for an ice cream cone. Although, they’re much more than just an ice cream parlor, as they also entertain their guests with arcade games. From sundaes to milkshakes, their Hershey’s ice cream is a crowd-pleaser.

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King’s Restaurant

It all started in 1936 when Frank King opened this comfort food restaurant. Famous for the country flared barbeque and sides that’ll make you reminisce on momma’s cooking, you don’t want to miss out on this Kinston favorite. There are four locations across Greene and Lenoir counties, so be sure to grab a bite at one soon.

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