Step Up Your Holiday Gift Wrapping With These Creative Ideas


When it comes to wrapping gifts, some people simply have a skill for it. Others, however, spend hours at a time fumbling with scissors, tape, and ribbon. Aren’t you tired of your gifts lacking that extra spark when it comes to the wrapping? If so, you’ll want to learn about creative ideas that give your presents an extra appeal!

Creative Ideas You Need to Know When Wrapping Gifts

The following is a list of unique ways you can add an extra spark to your gifts:

  • Gift Toppers – Instead of using plastic bows, why not top your gifts with a simple ribbon and natural toppers? Use seasonal holly sprigs, pine branches, small pinecones, and more to add a nice earthy-feel to your gifts.
  • Create a Theme – If you’ve chosen Charlie Brown gift wrap, then focus your theme around that. Identify the colors that pop in the wrapping paper. Use blue bows for Linus’ blanket, and yellow for Woodstock.
  • Use Brown – That’s right. Use the color brown as much as possible. Try brown paper packages. With these, you can paint or draw beautiful pictures on your wrapping which adds an extra touch. With brown, you can basically use any color you like for ribbons and bows.
  • Sheet Music – For those of you have family members who enjoy music, purchase vintage music sheets online and wrap your smaller gifts in them.
  • Bow Madness – Instead of using one simple bow, why not throw on several at a time to make the gift stand out among the rest?
  • Candy Canes – If you’re using ribbon to wrap around your boxes, use candy canes in the middle. Wrap the bow around and given some candy as an extra treat!
  • Recycled Paper – Be environmentally friendly and consider using recycled paper for your gifts.
  • Glitter – When it doubt, place a little glue on the top of the package and add some pieces of glitter for fun!

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‘Tis the Season

Now that you know more ideas of how to add a bit more creativity to your packages, go out and find some unique paper and use wrapping as a fun, stress-free way of relaxing this holiday season! Your friends and family are certain to enjoy all this special season has to offer.

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