Here’s Your Next Great Date Night

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Are you tired of going to a traditional dinner and a movie on date night? You can mix things up in a big way by booking a Pop-Up Park Picnic at Martin Marietta Park in New Bern. These self-guided dates are available on Thursdays-Sundays, and you can choose the time and customize your experience.

You’re only required to donate to reserve a spot and get access to your Digital Date Nite Box. Learn more about what’s inside the box, and reserve your spot.

Unlock Food Delivery Options Inside the Digital Date Nite Box

Any good picnic needs food, and you’ll find what you’re looking for inside your Digital Date Nite Box. The box contains coupon codes so you can get food delivered from your restaurant of choice. There are excellent options inside the box, so you won’t have any trouble finding something you and your partner love.

Digital Love Jar

Your Digital Date Nite Box will also include a love jar. You’ll be able to add special messages, including words of affirmation, to the jar. Then you and your special someone can go through the messages during your picnic. Plus, you can include a virtual vision board in your love jar. This is an excellent way to express your feelings, and it’s certain to bring the two of you closer together.

Acts of Service, Activities, and Games

Your Digital Date Nite Box will also include options for acts of service, activities, and games. These options focus on love styles while helping couples build communication and become more empowered. Because this is self-guided, you can skip any activity or game that doesn’t suit you, but you’ll likely enjoy them all. Thus, give each option a try before bypassing it.

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Changing Parks

While the date night is at Martin Marietta Park in New Bern, you can change parks if you prefer. For instance, maybe you’d rather enjoy a picnic at a park in Kinston. If so, just let the event organizers know after booking the date.

These date nights are sure to be a hit with couples, so don’t miss out. Choose your date and time, and start planning. Remember, everything you need will be inside your Digital Date Nite Box, so it’s as easy as it could be.

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