How To Make A Giant Car Bow For The Perfect Holiday Surprise

gift for christmas car keys. Close-up view of car keys with red bow as present on wooden rustic vintage background

If someone you love is in the market for a new car, you may want to purchase one as a Christmas gift. A car is a huge gift already, but there is something you can do to express that even more. A giant car bow! Learn how to make a giant car bow to add the “wow” factor to an already great surprise.

Needed Supplies

In order to make your giant car bow, you will need some supplies. Make sure you have ribbon or paper, a glue gun, and scissors. Choose whatever ribbon or paper color you want, from the traditional red to a shiny bright blue. You will want to make sure your ribbon or paper size is large enough. The bigger, the better. 

Start your Bow

It’s time to start your bow. Cut your ribbon or paper into 11 strips (4″ by 22″). Then, form those strips into eight loops. Glue the tips together with your glue gun. Next, you will want to glue two loops together at the ends. Stack each loop pair on top of another forming a criss-cross pattern. Create one big loop in a cylinder formation and glue it in the center of your bow. Now, your bow is complete.

Final Touches

Your bow may be done, but there is something extra you can add to make it even better. At the end of one strip, cut out a triangle shape in the middle to represent a ribbon end. Do this same process again with another strip. Glue them together at an angle, facing downwards. Glue your finished bow on top of the strips.

Pull Off Your Surprise

Now it’s time to attach your bow to the car. You may want to wait until the morning of to attach your bow so that the weather doesn’t negatively affect it. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a car with a giant bow on top on Christmas morning. Whoever you are gifting this to will love it even more when they see the bow you created from scratch on top.

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Doug Henry CDJR

When you are ready to pick out the perfect car to put your bow on, come down to Doug Henry CDJR and we will help you find the one!

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