Games To Play On The Court This Summer

Father and son playing basketball.

Are you ready to make the most of that court in your neighborhood, clubhouse, or in your community? Most people look at a court and think it can only be used to play volleyball, basketball, or tennis. Although, it is about time we get creative and put the space to better use. There are plenty of games to play on the court with your friends even if you’re not a big fan of sports.

Red Light Green Light

This is a game that can be played in the yard or on the court. It requires at least three players and a ball of some sort for each of them. One player will be designated as the “traffic light.”

Here’s how to play:

  • All the players, except the designated traffic light, will stand at one end of the court while the “traffic light” stands at the other.
  • The person who is at the traffic light will turn around so they are not facing the other players. They will randomly yell “red light” or “green light.”
  • When the traffic light yells “green light,” the players will begin to dribble their balls and move towards the end of the court.
  • When the traffic light yells “red light,” the players will stop dead in their tracks, and then, the traffic light will turn around and call out any players still moving.
  • If a player gets caught moving, they are out.
  • The winner will be whoever makes it to the other end of the court.
  • The winner gets to be the “traffic light” for the next game!

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Sharks and Minnows

This game is a fun one, and it doesn’t require any hooping skills. You will want at least four players, and the game works best using only half a court but can be played either way.

Here’s how to play:

  • Start with one or two players as the designated “sharks.”
  • The sharks will stand at half-court without a basketball.
  • The rest of the players start at one end of the court and have to dribble a basketball to the other end. They are considered the minnows.
  • The sharks will then try to steal a basketball or knock it out of bounds.
  • If a minnow loses their basketball before crossing the court, they will be the sharks in the next round.
  • Once all the minnows became sharks or made it to the other end of the court, the next round will start.
  • The minnows will have to dribble back to the other end of the court, avoiding the sharks again.
  • The game ends when there are no more minnows left!

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