Flowers That Can Survive North Carolina’s Hot Sun

Monarch butterfly on a pink flower in a garden

If you’re not a naturally gifted gardener, you might have given up hopes for developing a green thumb long ago. But wait – your pitiful plants may have more to do with the climate than with anything you’re doing wrong! When the sun is as unforgiving as it can be in the heat of a North Carolina summer, it’s hard for many plants to do anything but wilt. There are some that thrive in the heat, however, and those are the ones that can turn your sad flower bed into a vibrant showpiece. Read on to see what you should be planting.

Flowers That Can Take the Heat

North Carolina summers can be brutal. It’s no wonder more delicate blossoms may have trouble taking root here. But if you’re looking to add curb appeal to your home or pops of color to liven up the greenery, then there are some flowers you can count on. Here are some recommendations from The Charlotte Observer that will make your garden thrive in the heat!

  • Lantana – This versatile plant comes in a wide array of types, from trailing ones well-suited for hanging pots to upright ones that fit well in beds and containers. Colors range from vivid hues to delicate pastels.
  • Zinnias – These heat-loving plants are great in a variety of applications, such as edging or filling in beds. They grow to varying heights.
  • Pentas and Angelonia – These straight growers serve as great backdrop plants for shorter plants such as the portulaca and periwinkle we mention below. Pentas come in shades of pink, red, purple, and white, while angelonia blooms mostly in blue and lavender shades.
  • Portulaca and Periwinkle – Easy to care for and pretty to look at, these two plants don’t need much watering to keep their fresh and healthy appeal and eye-catching colors.
  • Bright Yellows – If you’re partial to sunny hues for your sunny garden, look to melampodium (similar to a sunflower, but shorter) and drought-tolerant, long-growing plumed celosia.
  • For Shady Spots – It can still be plenty hot in the shade, and for those areas you’ll need a plant that loves heat but doesn’t need so much direct sunlight. Consider impatiens, begonias, and torenia.

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