Explore Civil War Battlefields Near Kinston

Civil War Battlefields

You may think that the only way to learn about history is to sit down and read a history book. However, there are more fascinating ways to learn about the past. That’s especially true when you’re talking about local history. Perhaps one of the most eventful times in the past for the Kinston area was the Civil War. This was a dark time for the country and for Kinston. However, learning about what happened is a great way to make sure that we never make the same mistakes again. Visit some of the most iconic Civil War battlefields in the local area, and see what you might get the chance to learn.

Information and Visitors Center

The first place you might want to visit is the Information and Visitors Center. While it may not be the most exciting location, this place can provide you with valuable information about the First Battle of Kinston. The battle took place in 1862. There is a video for you to watch that will give you information about how the war came to Kinston and what happened when it did. It’s interesting, so make sure you watch the whole thing.

Goldsborough Bridge Battlefield

When you visit the Goldsborough Bridge Battlefield, make sure you pick up a map and some additional information. This will allow you to know what went on at this location. During this battle, Union Gen. Foster’s army attacked in 1862. The fight went all the way from Kinston to Seven Springs, and it played a considerable role in the outcome of the war.

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Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site

Perhaps one of the most remarkable sites in the nearby area is the Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site. This is a critical site because it’s the point at which the Confederates made a significant effort to stop the Union’s 90,000-men army. It ended up becoming the state’s largest Civil War battle. Also, it had a major effect on the outcome of the war. However, it failed to succeed in its objectives. When you visit, you can see a mass Confederate grave, a family cemetery, and several monuments. There is also a reconstructed kitchen and slave quarters you might want to see while you’re there.

Learning about history can be so much more enjoyable when you see the places you read about in books in person. Bring your family along with you so you can all learn about the Civil War and how North Carolina played a significant role.

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