Find Out About Many Plants And Animals At The Exchange Nature Center

Exchange Nature Center

Whether you’ve lived in the area for your whole life or you moved recently, you have probably already realized how beautiful nature is here. But how much do you really know about it? There’s always a chance to learn something new, especially when you pay a visit to the Exchange Nature Center. Here, you can learn all about different types of plants and animals, and you may even get to meet some furry and scaly friends in the process. Here are some of the fun activities you can participate in and exhibits you can see when you visit.

Salt Water Touch Tank

If you want to learn more about coastal creatures, this is the exhibit for you. Not only do you get a sense of where they live and get to learn what these animals are all about, but you can even touch them too. You may have never seen some of these creatures up close before, so it’s really interesting getting an up close and personal experience with them.

Nature Trails

You don’t have to stay inside when you visit the Exchange Nature Center. That’s because there are countless trails around the area. Go out for a hike and see which plants and animals you can spot. You can even take a lunch out with you so you can stay on the trail for hours at a time. This area is really beautiful, so you are definitely going to enjoy getting the chance to explore.

Wildlife Exhibits

After you finish up your hike, you may want to head back inside to read about what you saw out in nature. The wildlife exhibits at the Exchange Nature Center will give you all the information you need. You’ll see a wide range of animals that you can read about while you’re there.

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Community Fishing Ponds

Want to spend more time outside? Head to the community fishing ponds and see what you can catch. These ponds are stocked with catfish, so you can spend a whole day casting your line. Whether you want to catch a few and go home or relax for an entire afternoon, you’re going to love coming out to these ponds.

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