DIY Your Holiday Decorations With These Fun Ideas


As soon as you enter a department store during the month of October, chances are you already can see the Christmas decorations. Once Halloween ends, the holiday décor is everywhere you turn your head. While they might be promoting their own products, seeing the decorations can give you an idea of how you want your home to look for the holidays. If you plan on having family and friends over for a fun day of food, board games, and presents, you’ll want to consider unique decorations that you can show off!

To help with this, we’ve taken a look at some creative DIY decoration ideas you might want to consider. Whether they are conversation pieces or simply add a bit of glamour to your home, both you and your guests are certain to be impressed.

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Turn Your Home Into A Christmas Palace!

The following is a list of DIY decorations you can add to your home to make it cozier and more festive for the holiday season:

  • Advent Calendar – You’ve probably noticed the various advent calendars in a store or two. Some have candy while others come with small figurines. Why not make your own with special ornaments? You can either choose ornaments or make them yourself and then you and your kids can spend each day of December adding a new ornament to the tree!
  • Garland – If you have a staircase or banisters in your home, try snaking garland around them to add a bit of flair.
  • Themes – Whether you want your entire home to have a theme or each individual room to have a theme, be sure to choose colors that brighten each room. Choose from themes such as peppermint, rustic, snowmen, etc.
  • Makeshift Bar – During the cold winter months, it’s important to have apple cider and hot cocoa on hand. So, set up a makeshift bar where you can fix a hot drink anytime you like.
  • Outside Focus – Whether you have a small or large front porch, add some festive plants or lights outside to add to the occasion.
  • Gift Wrap – There are countless types, sizes, and colors of gift wrap you can choose from. This year, choose a theme that goes with your home decorations to create a picture-perfect atmosphere.
  • Fireplace – If you have a fireplace, don’t forget to hang the stockings! Try something unique and use different colors instead of the traditional red.
  • Fresh Plants – There are a variety of seasonal plants you can use to add a nice, fresh smell to your home. Choose some and get creative with the festive pots to put them in.
  • Displays – In addition to a tree, perhaps let your children help create a fun display on the mantel, coffee table, or another area. Grab some fake snow and make a fun village!

As you can see, there are various DIY ways to spruce up your home for the holidays!

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