Start Your Day With A Cup Of Joe From Middle Grounds Coffee House

female barista working in coffee shopCoffee lovers everywhere are always looking for new places to try freshly brewed coffee. Maybe you’re looking to change up your morning routine, maybe you’re craving something different, or maybe you just need to find a way to stay fueled throughout the day. Middle Grounds Coffeehouse is just the place that can satisfy each of those needs. Located in Downtown Kinston, Middle Grounds Coffeehouse is ready to serve you and help fuel your day.

The Different Kinds of Brews

Middle Grounds Coffeehouse knows that everyone has a different coffee preference. Some like hot coffee, some like their coffee over ice. Some like a black coffee with no additions, and some like their coffee with two shots of espresso. The reality is, your coffee spot should never make you compromise what you like. That is why Middle Grounds Coffeehouse provides and serves an assortment of brews. On a hot day, they’ll have an iced coffee waiting for you. On a cold day, they’ll have a hot coffee waiting for you. And on those days where you didn’t get enough sleep, you bet they are able to throw two shots of espresso in your coffee to help you conquer the day.

Tea Time

Middle Grounds Coffeehouse may be known for coffee, but it does not mean they don’t cater to tea lovers. If you are feeling under the weather or you are not in the mood for coffee, Middle Grounds Coffeehouse provides and serves tea as well.

Blended and Espresso Drinks

Most people are either hot coffee or iced coffee people. But, you have a few people that enjoy a blended frozen coffee or something fancier such as an Americano or Cappuccino. Middle Grounds Coffeehouse is proud to serve these items as well to cater to the community of people that enjoy them. Each coffee is customizable to your liking, so you don’t feel stuck when ordering.

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A Sweet Treat

Every once in a while it’s nice to enjoy a sweet treat with your coffee or tea. Middle Grounds Coffeehouse offers quite a selection of treats that pair well with any coffee or tea you select. Their treats range from Brownies to Danishes, muffins, crumble cake, and even waffles. So whether you are craving a sweet treat or just need something on the go, Middle Grounds Coffeehouse has got your back.

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