Simple And Cheap Ways You Can Cool Off This Season

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North Carolina’s summers can get oppressively hot, and you can feel that heat whether you are indoors or outdoors. You don’t have to buy a pool or get a fancy new air conditioner to stay cool this summer. Go over some simple and cheap ways you can cool off all summer long.

Turn Your Ceiling Fans to Summer Mode

Many people don’t realize that ceiling fans can run counterclockwise or clockwise. During the summer, you want the blades to run counterclockwise so the fan will circulate cool air around the room, creating a breeze. If your blades are running clockwise, you can change the direction by flipping the small switch that’s located on the base of your ceiling fan.

Dress for the Season

Stick to cotton clothing during the summer to stay cool. Cotton is breathable and lightweight, so you’ll be less prone to break a sweat during the summer. Maximize the impact of cotton by wearing light colors.

Keep the Lights Off

Did you know that the lights in your home put off heat? Keeping the lights off when you don’t need them is an easy way to keep your home cool. It will also help you save on your energy bill, so it’s a double win.

Cook Outdoors

Turning on the oven during the summer isn’t ideal. It can heat up your home quickly, so you’ll be hot and uncomfortable when eating. Cook as many meals as you can outside. Then, you can eat them outdoors or bring them back inside your cool house.

While you want to prepare your hot food outside, it’s a good idea to make cold items indoors. That way, the heat won’t warm up your cold food, such as coleslaw.

Enjoy Frozen Fruits

Put some fruit in the freezer and munch on it when you get hot. You can put fresh fruit in the freezer or buy flash-frozen fruit. This is pre-cut and ready to eat, making it even easier to enjoy a nice piece of fruit in the summer.

Have a Water Fight

You can enjoy some outdoor time without getting overheated by engaging in a water fight. You can fill up water balloons and then throw them at one another. Each time a water balloon bursts, you’ll enjoy a cool splash of water. It’s easy to stay outside for hours when you play with water balloons.

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Stick Your Feet in Cold Water

You can also cool off by sticking your feet in cold water. Fill a tub with water, and then just put your feet inside. You can do this inside or outside while you’re relaxing.

Use these tips to stay cool and have fun this summer. The tips are cheap and easy to follow, so you can incorporate them into your daily life.

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