7 Games To Play With The Sprinklers This Spring

Little Boy Having Fun in the SprinklersIf you don’t have access to a pool, beach, or somewhere for the kids to cool off this spring, there is still a way to create the perfect water day right in your backyard. Get the kids ready to get wet and crank up those sprinklers. These seven sprinkler games will keep the kids entertained while running through the grass and staying cool.

Freeze Tag Sprinkler Edition 

Have the kids run around a turned-off sprinkler head, and as you man the sprinkler head, unexpectedly turn the water back on. When the water comes back on, the kids must freeze in place. They can’t move or splash. They will let the water hit them until you turn it back off. This game calls for lots of giggles!

Waterpark Swing Set

If you have a swing set in your backyard, try turning that into a waterpark for the kids to play on. Stick a sprinkler near the bottom of the swing set and transform that old slide into a water slide. You can even add a kiddy pool for them to land in at the bottom of the slide. Your kids will love having a water slide and essentially a splash pad right in their backyard. 

Simon Says 

When you add water to this game it makes it all the more fun. Have the kids circle the sprinkler. Make each of the Simon Says directions have something to do with the water. An example would be “Simon says stick one foot in the water” or “Simon Says run around the sprinkler.” 

Car Wash 

Break out those bikes and get them cleaned up by transforming your sprinklers into a car wash. Set up the “car wash” on the driveway, and use the front sprinklers for this fun activity. Something you can do to make this more fun is to give the kids old dishtowels, sponges, and a little bit of soap so it feels like a real car wash! 

Sponge Relay Race 

This is a great game to play with your kids or to play at your next family BBQ. Split up into two teams, you’ll give each team a designated bucket and sponge, and each team member will take turns running back and forth through the sprinkler with the sponge trying to soak up the most water. When they get back to the bucket they will squeeze the sponge water into it and whichever team fills the bucket up first wins. 

Tug of War 

Most of us have heard of this game, but try adding water to make it even more eventful. Grab a rope and divide the kids into teams. The middle of the rope will be where the sprinkler is located. Therefore whichever team gets pulled into the sprinkler will get the wettest!

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Pool Noodle Sprinkler 

Make a silly sprinkler with a pool noodle. All the supplies you will need for this game are the pool noodle, plastic bottle cap, duct tape, and a skewer. Poke some holes in the noodle using the skewer. The more holes in the noodle, the more water to play in. Plug the bottom of the noodle using the bottle cap and secure it with duct tape. Put your hose in the one open end. Now you have a noodle sprinkler right in your backyard!

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