5 Tips For Off-Roading In Your Jeep

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Owning and driving a Jeep provides many benefits. For example, not only is a Jeep dependable for everyday driving, but it’s durable and tough enough to handle rough roads. A Jeep is ideal for hitting rocky terrain and navigating steep, challenging paths. If you’re heading out of Kinston, NC, to your favorite off-the-beaten-path trail, you want to be prepared. With the right approach, you can have a thrilling outing.

Know the Vehicle

Driving off-road is an enjoyable experience; however, it can be difficult if you don’t know what your vehicle is capable of. Before you head out, make sure you understand your Jeep from top to bottom. Get familiar with the owner’s manual. Know what the vehicle’s ground clearance is so you don’t have any collisions or cause any damage to your Jeep. Understand how to operate the four-wheel-drive capabilities, specifically how to lock the four-wheel-drive in place. There are times when you should use all four wheels and times when two will do. Do some research and find out which trails best suit your Jeep.

Prepare Yourself

Your Jeep should be up to the task of off-roading. But you can’t be too careful. If you become stranded in the mud or in a ditch, you want to be safe as you wait for help. Pack a first aid kit in your Jeep with necessary supplies. For example, bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic ointment, scissors, and pain medication are good items to include. You’ll also want a blanket, bottled water, snacks, flares, and flashlights.

Prepare the Vehicle

When someone passes by, you’ll need the right supplies to pull you to safety. Have a towing winch, towing straps, snatch blocks, and a shovel handy. Plus, you’ll want to be ready to repair or change a flat tire. Ensure that there is a jack and tire iron in the Jeep. You’ll also need a spare.

Know Effective Driving Techniques

Driving off-road is much different than driving on the highway or on city streets. You’ll need to learn different driving techniques to keep safe. Furthermore, these methods will give you more enjoyment and success. Learn how to drive in mud, on gravel, and on rocky terrain. In some cases, you’ll want less air in the tires, while in other situations, you’ll want to lock the hubs and slow down.

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If you’re a novice four-wheeler, you’ll need to practice before you head out on your big excursion. Spend some time on moderately challenging terrain. Practice off-roading techniques where you can use your four-wheel drive. Once you feel confident in your skills and feel comfortable in your Jeep, you can plan your trip and prepare for adventure.

If your Jeep needs a tune-up before you go off-roading, bring it to Doug Henry CDJR in Kinston, North Carolina. Our service team will make sure it is road-worthy.

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