The Easiest Ways To Organize Your Car

The luggage net for groceries hangs in the open trunk of the car.

The luggage net for groceries hangs in the open trunk of the car.

We spend a lot of our time in our cars. They get us to all the places we need to go. From short, momentary trips to long drives full of adventure, we can end up with a lot of stuff in our cars. And if you have kids, you know how quickly your car can get messy. Organize your car with these tips and tricks, and keep the inside looking great.

Keep ‘Just in Case’ Items Close at Hand

This organizer will work great if you have a hatchback or an SUV. First, you’ll need to get a shoe organizer and do some cutting and stitching. The idea is to restitch it so it can easily hang from an adjustable shower curtain. Then, twist the shower curtain with the plastic pockets hanging from it into place in the truck. You’ll want to put it behind the back seats. Finally, label the pockets with essential items like wipes, diapers, sunblock, or water.

Mini Travel Library

If your kids are readers (and it doesn’t make them carsick), creating a little travel library can help keep them from getting bored. You’ll need fabric, interfacing, your sewing machine, and some ribbon. In fact, this craft is a great way to use up fabric scraps to make the pockets if you have them lying around.

Dispense Tissues with Ease

In many cars, there are just so many places you can keep things. But someone is bound to need a tissue even if you have no place for the box. Keep tissues handy by cutting a small hole in the top of a clean, disposable coffee cup and lid. Of course, the cup can fit easily into your cup holder. Then, take tissues out of a bulky box and store them in the cup, pulling them through the lid one at a time.

Organize Your Car Documents

If you’re like most, then you probably can’t remember exactly when your car had this or that service. But keeping every scrap of paper related to the car can get messy and crowd your glove compartment. Instead, grab a coupon-sized or half-sized plastic divider with tabs. In addition, you could also organize things into a small binder. Then, fold or clip in your documents and receipts for a complete maintenance record always at hand.

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Great Service Can Keep You Organized

Although keeping records of your car documents is important, excellent service is also key. In fact, finding a good service department can ensure you stay on top of maintenance. You can rely on professional service and maintenance reminders at Doug Henry Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Kinston, North Carolina. Stay organized and never miss critical maintenance by making an appointment with the service department today.

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