Start Scrapbooking In 2021!

Mother and son making a photo album together

Mother and son making a photo album together

Scrapbooks are such a great way to keep your favorite memories alive. If you have never made a scrapbook before, you may be wondering where to start. Don’t worry, though, because we have some great tips to help create the most perfect scrapbook. Take a look at these five steps for beginner scrapbookers!

Find Your Topic

Scrapbooks are created to tell a story, so decide what you want to say! The first step in making your scrapbook is to decide what story or event you want to make come to life. A good reminder is to not choose something too big. Simply find a moment like your last “trip with the family,” and focus on that. Sometimes scrapbooking a story can be tough. Start out with a specific theme for your scrapbook so the layout is easier.

Pick Out Your Album

Of course, you will need to find an album to start your scrapbooking. Typically a 12”x12” and 8.5”x11” are the album sizes to look for. The 12”x12” will allow more room for all your photos and other items you want to add to the scrapbook. The 8.5”x11” mini albums are also available. Mini albums are a fantastic way to kickstart your scrapbooking journey.

Choose Your Favorite Photos

Less is more when it comes to photos in your scrapbook. Make sure to choose photos with great lighting and focus. Also, try and find photos that are more than just smiling faces. You can make your scrapbook lots of fun if you find photos that truly show the event or story you are telling.

Design Your Layout

This is where it all gets fun! You can design your scrapbook to be any layout you want. When designing your layout, think about what you want the reader’s eye to be drawn to. This will make choosing your display easier.

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Load Up On Supplies

When making a scrapbook, you will need supplies: patterned paper, adhesive, stickers and embellishments, scissors, photos, and of course, an album book. Stock up ahead of time so you can finish your book in one sitting.

We hope these tips help! Have a blast making your next book full of special memories.

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