4 Baskets Perfect For Your Picnic

Young female hipster going on a picnic at a local park.

With numerous picnic-worthy parks in Kinston, you can spend your summer enjoying food in the great outdoors. First, though, you need a picnic basket to hold lunch or dinner. You won’t have trouble loading up your favorite treats when you have one of these picnic baskets.

Providence Woven Picnic Basket

Pottery Barn’s Providence Woven Picnic Basket is one of the best options on the market right now. This roomy picnic basket comes with dishware for two to four people, depending on your choice. It’s lightweight yet durable and includes fastening straps and a faux leather handle for easy transport. You don’t even have to make an out-of-town trip to pick it up at Pottery Barn. This picnic basket is only available for online orders so that you can buy it from the comfort of home.

Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Basket Cooler

Bed, Bath, and Beyond carry the Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Basket Cooler, but it can be hard to find it in stock at its stores. Fortunately, you can also purchase this popular picnic basket online. It’s the ideal picnic basket for keeping food and beverages cool. Plus, it’s spacious enough to hold up to 65 pounds of food and drinks so that you won’t go hungry or thirsty during your outing. Along with the roomy interior, the basket has a front pocket for napkins and utensils.

When you finish eating, you can fold the basket up and store it. Then it’ll be out of sight when you don’t need it and ready to go when you do.

Picnic Time Country Basket

The Picnic Time Country Basket is available from numerous merchants, and you can also buy it online. You can’t help but love the traditional look and feel of this picnic basket. It will take you back in time, to when family picnics were a normal part of life. The traditional woven willow basket is topped with a split lid so that you can grab items from either side with ease. Oh, and this picnic basket is easy to transport and can hold food for two people. Also, don’t worry if something spills. The basket includes a removable liner, so cleaning up is a breeze.

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LANOUOGGK Folding Insulated Picnic Basket

Do you want an amazing picnic basket but are trying to stick to a budget? The LANOUOGGK Folding Insulated Picnic Basket is a fantastic budget-friendly option, and it’s available for purchase online.

You can load up enough food and beverages for up to four people, and the insulation will keep everything cool for a few hours. Then, after you finish the last bite, collapse the basket for easy storage.

Throwing together a picnic will be a breeze when you pick up one of these baskets. Choose the one that fits your budget and style, and then prepare for a nice meal in nature.

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